Other Recognized Researched Outputs


Public Lecture, June 2016 - UNISA

In July 2016 invited to present a public lecture at UNISA. The public lecture titled ‘How to become an Innovator or Inventor’ was held in June 2016 at College of Education (CEDU). Press here to open the presentation.

Keynote/Plenary session on Higher Education, February 2015 – UNISA

In February 2015 I was invited to present a paper at a plenary session organised by Council of Higher Education (CHE). The paper titled’ Forming Communities of Practice: A theoretical Perspective’ was presented at the CHE Plenary Session held at School of Computing at UNISA. Press here to open the presentation.

International Conference – Moscow 2019

In 2015 I realized that security issues in education and other related fields prevailed in todays' environments. Since 2015, I have been involved in the organisation of the conference, the website design and the development of the conference material. The conference name is: 1st International Multidisciplinary Conference on Security, (IMCS 2017).


Since the topic of the conference was not suitable for College of Education, the conference committee members decided to change the focus towards digital economy and security with sub-focus on educational issues. The title of the conference is:  ‘Digital economy challenges: security and development» (DECSD 2020). The conference web site will be adapted accordingly.


World Health Organisation (WHO) – a collaborative experience

In May 2018 invited from World Health Organisation (WHO) to collaborate on the task team on Sustainable Development Goal 8, chapter (Disability employment) for UN Flagship Report on Disability 2018. Press here to open the chapter.